1. Gruppe 18.45 Uhr
Toot Toot, I'm On My Way, Closer, Boot Scootin Boogie, Hold The Line, Canadian Stomp, Back To The Start, Country 2 Step,  Hully Gully, Something In The Water, Stealing The Best, Lindi Shuffle, Mamma Maria, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Shakin' Mix, Black Coffee, Cabin Fever, See My ID, Come Dance With Me, Country In The City, Electric Slide, Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights, Lord Help Me, Disappearing Tail Lights, Irish Stew,  Give Me Your Tempo, Gold, Pony On My Boat, Speak To The Sky
2. Gruppe 20.00 Uhr
Canadian Stomp, Mamma Maria, Lindi Shuffle, Back To The Start, Stealing The Best, Hully Gully, Toot Toot, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Electric Slide, Hold The Line, Country 2 Step, Gold, Pony On My Boat, Irish Stew, Come Dance With Me, Disappearing Tail Lights